How to order promotional USB drives

Most of our USB flash drive items can now be purchased ONLINE! For the items that you cannot purchase online please send us an email so we can Quote you our best price and we will immediately give you instructions on how to place your order.

Online orders

Step 1:

Find the item you want to order and enter the quantity you wish to order in the quantity box. Then hit "ADD to Cart"

Step 2: Click on your Cart and follow the checkout instructions. You can login or create a new account.

Step 3: During checkout you will be able to upload your Logos/Graphics that you want us to print on your items.

Step 4: Once we receive your payment and logo the products will go in production and your items will arrive at your door via courier service. 

We understand that many times our customers want their items delivered to them before a very short deadline in order to prepare for a marketing campaigns. We therefore strive to offer the most accurate delivery estimates and in such cases we let our customers know in advance if their deadline is possible to be met.


Delivery Times:

The Delivery time depends on the item ordered.

The approximate Worldwide delivery time on all standard USB Drives is 4 weeks. Custom-shaped USB drives can be delivered to your door in 4-6 weeks.
The approximate Worldwide delivery time on Pens & Pencils is 4-6 weeks.
The approximate Worldwide delivery time on all other items is 7-8 weeks, however in some occassion we might be able to deliver faster.

The above delivery times are approximate and they can change depending on the type of item ordered, the quantity as well as if the delivery location is Remote. Delivery times do not include any unforseen delays caused by bad weather, war, accidents or other unforseen circumstances.

Delivery Rates:

The delivery fee is added upon checkout. In some cases we might contact you (after placing your order) if the delivery cost is higher than the cost written during your checkout. If you do not agree with the new Delivery cost then we will immediately refund the money paid.