Custom USB Flash Drives

Finding the right promotional gift for your product-branding can sometimes be a little difficult. Whatever your product is, it's always nice to give out promotional items that relate directly to your product.

Here at keepitPromo, we can create Custom USB designs replicating an almost-exact copy of your product. If for example you are an importer of soft-drinks in your country then we can create a USB flash drive in the shape of a bottle or a can and with the colours of your soft-drinks.

If you are interested in creating a custom USB flash drive then please send us an email with a photo or drawing of your product and we will reply back to you with our Quotation.


keepitPromo has teamed up  a group of excellent and creative designers capable of providing 3D concepts of your custom-made USB drive. With our designers' talented ideas and skills, we can perfectly replicate your product into a practical CUSTOM USB solution.


keepitPromo focuses on delivering its clients with quality and durable promotional products. Our molding kits are made of solid stainless steel ensuring accuracy during the molding process. All of our molds are designed for rubber/PVC type of products that guarantee a longer durability of the Custom USB drives.


 We understand that every single personalized USB Drive represents our customer's image and therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that our USB Drives arrive to your door in high Quality. We test both the outer (PVC) USB material as well as the USB chip to ensure that there are no flows.

Furthermore, we offer a warranty on all of our USB drives.


Simply tell us your ideas or send us a photo of your product or even a drawing of what you would like to replicate into a USB Drive. We will then send you 3D concepts of the customized USB within 3-4 days with no commitments! We can guarantee that the final product will be the same as the 3D Design that we sent you. 



 To replicate your product into a USB drive please contact us